Back to work

Wow, so much has happened and it’s going very fast.
I don’t even know where to start really. Maybe the process of how I got here doesn’t really matter all that much anyway.
I can say that by talking to some people a week ago, it kind of came to light why I struggled so much at the few jobs I had in the past. And I think I have found a job that I will be able to do (part time of course).
So, this week I hope to apply for this job, and I am sending as much positivity out there, as I can! That I’ll get the job, that they will hire me for 2 or 3 mornings instead of 5 – and that it’s no problem at all (the job is for 15 – 25 hours. So, in theory… *thumbs up*) and that my lack of job experience won’t be an issue. Hopefully my positive vibes & personality will just sweep them of their feet and they’ll be happy to have me, and to give me a chance! =D

So, that’s the work bit.

Learning :

I’m currently trying to learn better German by using Duolingo. I’m also trying to learn how to type correctly with 10 fingers.
And I want to learn how to work with Microsoft Excel and Word properly. But those will have to wait.
Can’t learn everything at once, right? 😉

Penpals :

Oh my gosh. For some reason everyone thought they’d write to me at once! I’m currently at 13 penpals and I have 7 letters waiting for a reply.
Someone else replied to one of my messages last week, in which I wrote I wanted to write with her. The message was sent weeeeeks ago, and by now, I really have my plate ful. So sadly I will have to send her another message to turn her down. Which is sad, because she seemed like a fun, nice person. But I really can’t handle any more letters *hides* xD

Books :

So I’m devouring books lately. Real books and audiobooks. I think I currently finished about 14 books so far, I think? And April just started! So this promises to be a good book year! =D

Daytrips :

Hubby and I went on 3 daytrips already! One museum, some shopping on 2 occasions, and the last daytrip was to the Zoo! We had a great time ^_^

Garden :

So the garden is finally starting to shape up a bit as well. We finished a big area that has been looking dreadful for suuuuper long. I think for at least 1.5 year? But thankfully it looks lovely now. I bought many lovely grassplants that will hopefully grow soon! And I made a tiny rock garden ;-D

Crafting :

Not a lot going on there at the moment. I did some paper crafting for my penpals a while ago. My bullet journal crafting is over at the moment. I might even stop using it for daily use altogether, and just use it to keep track of stuff (how much yarn I used, projects I finished, letters I wrote / received, daytrips I made, etc). This will save me a lot of time!
My shoulders have been a major mess, so not a lot of (loom) knitting or crocheting going on either. But I hope to pick that up again soon too.

Main goal :

Right now my main goal is to get that part time job and bring that experience to a success! Beside that I want to find balance between my daily chores, things I want to learn and my hobbies. Finding that balance will be a chore on itself, haha xD

So, this is what I’ve been up to!

I hope you’re all well. And thanks again for reading ❤


I just want to say…

That I feel in charge of my life again, for a bit. I feel like I’m on top of things, and that time is on my side, instead of against me.

And it feels great!

That’s all I have to say for now.

Things are looking up

And it’s about time. Between the holiday stress (leaving me exhausted), and a winter depression, not all that much happened. Which didn’t help improve my mood at all.
But like I said, things are finally looking up!

My husband and I will make more daytrips in the upcoming months, and visit museums, cities, and zoo’s! 😀 I’m very excited and looking forward to our “adventures” 😉

At home I will be busy in the garden a lot, as soon as the weather improves. Stormy winds and heavy rain on and off just don’t seem all that inviting.
And over the past year I lost some of my penpals, so I went looking for some new ones. And I should be back to about 10 penpals now, I think. For some reason some just stop writing. Or never even write that promised first letter. No idea what that’s about *shrugs*
But I met some great new people.
I’m happy that I’ll have something more to talk about to my (new) penpals than only my household stuff, and my hobbies. I’m really excited about all the sightseeing we’re going to do.

Crafts :

Well I was sick last week, and to cheer myself up I treated myself with something I’ve been wanting for a very long time now. A new knitting loom set. The long ones (I already have a good circle/round set), and more importantly, a Serenity (S) loom! ❤ 😀
I started right away on a scrap yarn blanket. I got so many skeins with only a little (or a lot) use, and I can’t really use them for a project. So I threw them all together and I’ll make a blanket. I can’t wait to see how it goes and how it’ll turn out. And this will definitely add nicely to my skein use count for this year 😉

So far I used 7 skeins this year. And I bought 4 new ones. Two skeins I bought with my loom set. Because it was either paying 4 euro of shipping, or buying something for a little over 4 euro, and the shipping would be free. So I thought I ‘d rather have sockyarn for 4,90 E than pay shipping for 4 euro. So that’s how that happened.
And I bought 2 matching skeins to 2 skeins I already own. No idea what I’ll make with them yet, but my options are wide open now ;D lol

Reading :

I read 6 books so far this year. Currently reading my 7th. I think 4 of the read ones are for my reading challenge. And so is my current book. I need to read 15 for the challenge, so after this one, (at least) 10 more to go!

Well, that’s all I have to say for now. I really hope to write more often than I do now. Hopefully our daytrip adventures will inspire me to write more often.
I hope you’re all well, and thanks for reading ❤